Danish Junior Cup

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Ready for the finals on Court 5 (Center Court)

Danish Junior Cup has a long tradition in Gentofte Badminton Klub (GBK). Since 2012 it has been part of BadmintonEurope’s Junior Circuit. Before then it was called Gentofte Badminton Klub International Junior Tournament. The place of Venue is GBK’s old badminton hall (or more precise halls) from 1937, located just north of Copenhagen. The place of venue consists of three separate halls. Hall 1 with 4 courts, Hall 2 with 1 court and seating for about 200 spectators and Hall 3 which consists of 4 courts. All wooden floors and dedicated for badminton. It is a place which ‘smells’ of Badminton. 


We expect to start streaming live from the tournament starting in 2021. We are still experimenting with the setup and to see how many courts we can stream from at the same time. Three courts have been tested simultaneously so we will be streaming all Semi Finals and the Finals live. 

This will be done via our Youtube channel  ‘GBK Badminton’ where you can also find other streams e.g. from GBK’s team matches in the Danish BadmintonLeague.

Link to GBK’s Youtube channel : 

Previous winners of Danish Junior Cup. 

2021  ????

2020  No tournament due to Covid-19 restrictions.

2019  MS: Harry Huang (GB), WS: Amalie Schulz (DK), MD: William Jones / Brandon Zhi Hao Yap (GB), WD: Christine Busch / Amalie Schulz (DK), XD: Marcus Rindshoej / Mette Werge (DK)

2018  MS: Magnus Klinggaard (DK), WS: Line Christophersen (DK), MD: Maxime Briot / Kenji Lovang (FR), WD: Amalie Magelund / Freja Ravn (DK), XD: Jonas Jaeger / Amalie Magelund (DK)

2017  MS: Christo Popov (FR), WS: Michelle Skoedstrup (DK), Daniel Lundgaard / Karl Thor Soendergaard (DK), WD: Amalie Magelund / Freja Ravn (DK), XD: Daniel Lundgaard / Amalie Magelund (DK)

2016  MS: Toma Junior Popov (FR), WS: Julie Dawall Jakobsen (DK), MD: Rasmus Kjaer Pedersen / Jesper Toft (DK), WD: Alexandra Boeje / Freja Ravn (DK), XD: Rasmus Kjaer Pedersen / Irina Amalie Andersen (DK)

2015  MS: Yuta Watanabe (JP), WS: Julie Dawall Jakobsen (DK), MD: Yuta Watanabe / Kenya Mitsuhashi (JP), WD: Irina Amalie Andersen / Julie Dawall Jakobsen (DK), XD: Frederik Soegaard Mortensen / Sara Lundgaard (DK)

2014  MS: Anders Antonsen (DK), WS: Julie Dawall Jakobsen (DK), MD: Mathias Bay-Smidt / Frederik Soegaard Mortensen (DK), WD: Amalie Hertz Hansen / Ditte Soeby Hansen (DK), XD: Mathias Bay-Smidt / Marie Louise Steffensen (DK) 

2013  MS: Anders Antonsen (DK), WS: Julie Finne-Ipsen (DK), MD: Victor Svendsen / Frederik Soegaard Mortensen (DK), WD: Julie Finne-Ipsen / Rikke Soeby Hansen (DK), XD: Frederik Soegaard / Maiken F. Soerensen (DK)

2012  MS: Rasmus Grill Noes (DK), WS: Anna Thea Madsen (DK), MD: Mathias Christiansen / David Daugaard (DK), WD: Julie Finne-Ipsen / Rikke Soeby Hansen (DK), XD: Kasper Antonsen / Amanda Madsen (DK)

Winners podium MS 2012.  #1 Rasmus G. Noes (DK)  #2  Kalle Koljonen (FI)

2011  MS: Lucas Corvee (FR), WS: Line Kjaersfelt (DK), MD: Lasse Moelhede / Mathias Rud Pedersen (DK), WD: Sophie Brown / Holly Smith (GB), XD: Russel Muns / Myke Halkema (NL)